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Are you really organic?

Yes, we are certified organic by OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers

How big is the team?

There are 3 of us who run the farm; planting, growing, picking, packing, preparing deliveries, organising markets, etc.

As for markets, we have a team of 4 drivers/market stall holders.

Small but very effective team!

What is the 'Reserve' page for?

Organic Certificate

Organic Schedule

Organic OFP

In the reserve section, you can view all the produce we have available on the farm!

As the name suggests, you can reserve an item to pick up at any of our markets. Whether you hate standing in queues, everything is sold out by the time you get to the market or just want to secure an item, we'll put your reserved items aside which can be pick up at any of our markets at any time!

Sometimes a certain fruit/vegetable is really limited which means we might only send it to 1 or 2 of our markets. Reserving it guarantees that it'll be with you at the end of the market day!

Want to pay cash? Not a problem! Select 'pay in person' at the checkout.

Lastly, it's cheaper to reserve online!

What are they discounted from? (Reserve page products)

The produce from the reserve page are discounted from the market prices. The original price is what you would pay at our markets!

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